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Gear Cutting Tools
  As a gear form represents all kinds of machines, it is an important machine element with great demand in todayfs world. Fine pitch gears with high accuracy for steadier power transmission, higher durability, and more silent running are increasing in demand by the industry. To meet with these technical demands we are paying great effort to offer our excellent gear-cutting tools and technologies to the market.

Fine Pitch Gear Hob
  We can select cutter material and cutting condition based customer's requirement.
  Coating selection is also available.

Hob Dimensions, Material and Coating
Please inquire us for your request.
Ogasawarafs Ultra High Precision Class AAA Gear Hob
  To meet with above described demand of the gear field customers, the most effective and fundamental method is to improve the accuracy of Gear Cutting Tools by using our Class AAA Hobs of the world's highest quality.

List of Fine Pitch Gear Hob / Cutter
- Involute hobs
- Cycloid hobs
- Spline hobs
- Serration hobs
- Synchronous pulley hobs
- Chain sprocket hobs
- Worm wheel hobs
- Single position hobs
- Micro gear hobs
- Single cutters
- Rack cutters
- Bevel gear cutters
- Fly cutters
- Formed cutters
- Other Special Types of Gear Hobs / Cutters