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  Product Lineup
  Hob Cutter for Fine Pitch Gear - 70% share in Japan, Many Exports  
  Gear Shaper Cutter (Pinion Cutter) - Proved by high reputation from customers.  
  Spur & Helical Master Gear - Highly trusted by fine pitch gear industry with its highest quality.  
  Spline Gauge - Mainly used for Automotive / Aerospace industry  
  Electrode / Electroforming Master - Well accepted as a high quality product  
  High Precision Reduction Unit
/ High Precision Feeding Unit
- Specially made for high-tech industry  
  Micro Gear
- Micro gear (φ1.0 or smaller) and Micro Gear Cutter (m0.1 or smaller) available for your research & development.  
  Wireless Electro-static Micro-indicator
- Equipped with high-resolution & availability for dynamic use  
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    [ HSS Stock Hob List ]  


HSS Stock Hob List >>

  HOB   [ High Precision Solid Carbide Hob ]  
- Ogasawara is capable for constant supply of the Class-AAA Hobs. Our self-developed CNC-Hob-Grinder enables us to supply Class-AAA constantly for customer's request.

- Our high performance & precision Hob enables you to obtain Ground-Gear accuracy with Dry / High Speed / Hard Hobbing method under optimum operational conditions.
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  GRT-04   [ Double Flank Gear Rolling Tester GRT-04 ]  
- GRT-04, Gear-Rolling-Tester, enables your easy measurement for Total-Composite Error of a gear with High-resolution and repeatable operation. Also, it is precise enough to use on quality control measurements and quick-measurements at a workshop as well.
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    [ Measuring Equipment for Angular Transfer Accuracy MEATA-3
(Single Flank Gear Rolling Tester) ]

- Measuring Equipment for Angular Transfer Accuracy of Gears: MEATA-3 is extraordinarily suitable for the angular transfer deviation measurements of gears and gear couples. It has 1 second/arc max’resolution under a given reduction ratio. Further, it enables you to setup gear-axis arrangements from 0degree to 90degree, and axis offset from 0 to 90mm.

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  HBS1520/CNC   [ Hob Resharpening Machine HBS1520/CNC ]  

- This machine is developed and designed by Ogasawara Precision Laboratory Ltd. and constructed under our supervision by Saikuni Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  The purpose is to create a machine which can realize finish grinding of Ogasawara AAA Precision.

- With this machine and our instruction, original Ogasawara AAA precision re-sharpening can be obtained.

- Solid Proformace of this machine enables 1μm infeed, and it is capable for mirror surface finish (R max 0.1μm).

- CNC control makes for easy setup and fully automated operation, which reduce costs dramatically

- Our original grinding wheel dresser system is also available.

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